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MPower Group believe Education and Mentoring is the key to reducing recidivism

The five key outcomes we strive for as an organisation are:

1) Reduce recidivism,

2) Reduce substance abuse,

3) Improve social connectedness,

4) Improve housing safety and stability, and

5) Reunify families.

Mpower Training Solutions believes in offering everyone the fair chance to access education. We specially target key groups who may have fallen off the grid at some point and now would like the opportunity to change their life ailed by entrenched societal inequalities.

We believe a solid education base is key to reducing recidivism, supporting reintegration, and enhancing opportunities for employment, family reunification, and breaking down stereotypes.

We turn traditional learning upside down and create alternative learning strategies to better serve our learners by providing hope through education. Our strengths-based philosophy means that each learner is valued for his or her diverse gifts, talents and assets.


Mpower Technical College offers the UK’s largest offering of licensed to practice courses in a range of fields from Construction, Beauty and Fitness.  

Mpower Technical College offers the largest membership offering pf CPD courses. 

CPD combines different methodologies to learning, such as training workshops, conferences and events, e-learning programs, best practice techniques and ideas sharing, all focused for an individual to improve and have effective professional development.

We provide exceptional facilities management services to cover a variety of different requirements at various sites, this includes security services, cleaning, janitorial duties as well as maintenance services, and much more.

We supply these services to the public sector, businesses, and also to cover requirements at events of all kinds, get in touch with us for a quote on any of our facilities management services and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Choose from over 30 subjects to keep your child learning from home. They can learn fun new topics, revise old ones, and be guided through by friendly subject experts.

Because our lessons get such good results, schools use them to support their teaching. targeting learning gaps and helping pupils of all abilities reach their goals.

Mpower Media is an exciting and unique online education platform. We are like the Modern day ”Robin Hood” for education. We create world accredited courses in a range of career fields.

For every paid membership, Mpower  Media donates another education membership to someone who may be less fortunate to have the money or access to quality learning experiences.

Mpower Training’s Information Technology department offer a range of courses to launch your career and enhance your professional skills in the IT industry with accredited certificates, diplomas and CPD courses.

Become who every you want to be

Mental health Support

Your not in this Alone 

Our Core Values

Core Values are built from blood, sweat and tears. There are days we mess up, days we feel like giving up, days where life feels like its squashing you between two mountains, but we never delve away from learning, developing and growing. Our core values are earned not scrubbed to look fancy on our documents

Our Mission Statement

Mpower your self to leave a legacy.

We believe in a desire to nurture and educate the everyone through everyone.

Meaning, once one person has learnt, grown and built something unique, they then share and pass their knowledge on by mentoring the next person.

Our aim is to provide and build the worlds largest online learning and mentoring programme. Whilst still serving our local community.

Everyone is a teacher they just aren’t aware of it, until they give back.

Giving every one access to quality health, fitness and wellbeing information

Our trainee and newly qualified health Professionals give back to the wider audience by creating invaluable resources to help people become healthier, fitter and have all round greater wellness


Giving every one the opportunity to be an entrepreneur

Mpower Group gives opportunities to the local community and surrounding areas to build a business idea. We help incubate and mentor entrepreneurs to start creating and operating their own businesses.

Expansion of our entrepreneurial candidates who have grown their businesses proves that people can transcend their pasts and become valuable, empowered employees and business leaders.

Giving Every one the chance to access support

Mpower Group offers a wraparound aid of support to the local community who are in need of plan to help them get back on track. 

There is a high level of youth offending and gang related crime around the London and the Southend area. These young offenders are often unqualified and unskilled with key concern areas which Rise are looking to target through education routes and sporting opportunities.

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Elevate offers the highest quality education to train and develop individuals within the health and fitness, beauty, security and digital media sector.

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